During his adolescence, Ernesto Roque Bongarzone learned drawing, painting, and art designing at his Father’s illustration and publishing studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Then, while studying for a doctorate in biochemistry, Bongarzone worked at a printing company in Palermo, Buenos Aires, where he learned graphic design and photography.

After receiving his doctorate in biochemistry, Bongarzone, with his family, moved to Los Angeles, then Milan, and finally, Chicago, for his biomedical research in neurodegenerative brain diseases. 

Throughout the years, Bongarzone has continued to refine his artistic style and accomplishments. His painted work is done with oils on canvas and wood panels, with a formal style rooted in synthetic and analytic cubism. Additionally, he incorporates surrealism and abstract expressionism to convey subconscious emotions and thought processes. His works have been exhibited and published in art magazines in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Madrid, Phoenix, London, Chicago, Laguna Beach, and Healdsburg. 

Though painting is his primary medium, Bongarzone enjoys the challenges and rewards from sculpture, etching, and photography. 

A short observational documentary of the painting process of artist Ernesto Bongarzone.  A film by filmmaker Francisco Bongarzone.

A short interview with artist Ernesto Bongarzone.  A film by filmmaker Francisco Bongarzone.